Saturday, October 19, 2019

 Beantown Volleyball Club Defensive Clinic 



Open to Boys and Girls in Grades 6 -12

December 1, 8 and 15
3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
COST: $75.00

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Newton South High School

140 Brandeis RoadNewton, MA 02459


Beantown VBC is proud to announce our Annual Defensive Clinic is taking place in December at Newton South High School. This is an opportunity for boys and girls to develop and refine their skills before the beginning of their club volleyball seasons. The clinic will include sessions that focus on refining skill progressions, extension of tasks, technique, tactics, strategy, dynamic functional training, nutrition, and sport specific training.


Coaching Education Model implemented to include the following "best practice" curriculum-based principles:


Defensive Cues Identify:



·         Location on Court

·         Speed/Height/Overpass


·         Live Back Row

·         Location of pass – where the offense is set up

·         Release Point


·         Net Location

·         Height

·         Speed


·         Offensive System

·         Behaviors – tendencies –favorite shots

·         Line of Approach

·         Shoulder


·         Outside shadow of effective block –close/seal/penetrate/turned inside of court

·         Position on court with best success of a touch – Base 1 or Base 2



·         Sweep

·         Camp out on heavy hitters - body relaxed moving forward

·         Weight on balls of feet– butt down

·         Drive to floor

·         Move parallel to net –see opponent in transition

·         Ball up – in court –touch everything


Participants will receive this training from top-rated coaches, including Peter Suxho, who played and coached internationally with the men’s national team of Albania as well as in the Mediterranean games and currently is the head coach for Beantown’s Boys 18 Black travel team, with teams placing 1st ELEVEN TIMES at New England Regionals.


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Andy Mather


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