Monday, April 6, 2020

2014-2015 Boys Results

On behalf of the Beantown Volleyball Club, we'd like to congratulate all of our Beantown teams who played in the 2015 Mizuno Boston Pre-Qualifier at the BCEC. We would also like to thank all of our parents, friends and Beantown Alumni for cheering us on throughout the weekend, your support helped bring home a lot of wins, including:

Beantown 18's Black - Gold Medal Gold Bracket Champions





Beantown 18's Platinum - Silver Medalists Gold Bracket

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Beantown 18's Blue - Gold Medal Silver Bracket Champions



Beantown 17's Blue - Silver Medalists Silver Bracket 



Beantown 16's Black - Gold Medal Champions



NERVA IV Results

Click here for full tournament results.

Here are some top stats for our Beantown 16's Elite Team

  • Aces - Noah Kopf led the charge with 10 aces, Dillon Hourican had 8 and both John Maypole and Timmy Hwang followed closely behind with 7 each
  • Service % - Dillon Hourican had 92.3% positive serves, Griffin Walker contributed with 89.5% and John Maypole had 87.5%
  • Kills - Both Noah Kopf and Timmy Hwang were powerhouses for the 16s Elite team having 17 kills each, Dillon Hourican added 9, Eric Tarlin had 6, Luke Stuntz had 5, and Evan Zhang had 4.
  • Digs - John Walton led on defense with 36 digs, Noah Kopf was solid with 18 and Timmy Hwang had 14
  • Blocks - Evan Zhang stopped numerous offensive attempts with 8 blocks for the day

NERVA II Results

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Coaches and Boys who participated in NERVA II on Saturday, January 10th

The Results are as follows:

Beantown Team  Bracket Final Result
Beantown 18's Black  18's Gold 3rd Place
Beantown 18's Platinum  18's Silver 1st Place
Beantown 18's Blue  18's Silver 2nd Place
Beantown 17's Blue  17's Gold 2nd Place
Beantown 16's Black  16's Gold 3rd Place
Beantown 16's Blue  16's Silver 1st Place