A core Beantown goal is the continuous development and improvement of player skills – individual, team, physical, and mental.  From Basic Skills to elite Travel teams, there is always opportunity for players to improve.  The primary goal of coaches is to actively work with all players equally to set goals at their individual level and continuously enhance proficiency in a positive and fun environment.  Building on this effort coaches are charged with fielding strong cohesive teams that will contribute to a Beantown winning tradition.

An important aspect of player development is playing time where they can practice, test and hone their developing skills.  To this end Beantown takes the club tryout process very seriously. We make every attempt to place players on teams corresponding with their ability, attitude, and potential and we expect everyone chosen for a team will receive equitable playing time at tournaments.

However, while making a Beantown team guarantees players the opportunity to learn and apply the skills and concepts of volleyball at practices, there is not a guarantee of minimum playing time or how a player is utilized on the court on any given tournament day or competitive situation.  Our coaches are committed to developing all players’ skills and they have the responsibility of helping their players prepare to play and contribute.  But there is also a responsibility for team performance.  

To the extent a player demonstrates to his coach ability, effort, and positive team-oriented attitude, he will enhance his playing time opportunities.  Ultimately team deployment on the court is a coaching decision based on the game situation at hand. 

Participation in club volleyball should be a fun and rewarding experience and playing time is certainly an important component.  But it is also fun and rewarding for a player when his team excels and wins.


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