Beantown's mission is to provide a healthy, supportive atmosphere in which young athletes can dedicate themselves to improving their volleyball skills, and strive to excel and succeed in a competitive environment.





Our Vision


  • Teach volleyball skills as well as sportsmanship, discipline, the drive to excel, goal achievement, self-confidence, teamwork and a mindset of continuous learning and improvement through the sport of volleyball.
  • Use accomplished, experienced coaches to provide a high quality program of instruction, practices, scrimmages, and active participation in tournaments at a competitive level, so that other teams respect and anticipate playing us.
  • Prepare players to lead and excel on their high school teams.
  • Capture and cultivate the interest and talent of middle school-aged athletes to ensure a strong future for New England volleyball.




Our Goals


  • Offer programs that allow players the opportunity to play and improve continuously throughout the fall and winter so that player skills are sharp and fresh when the spring high school season starts.
  • Ensure Beantown programs are of the highest quality, by hiring coaches who have the experience, technical volleyball skills, passion for the game, patience, and teaching skills necessary to improve and expand player skills and build quality, cohesive teams.  
  • Ensure that tryouts for winter teams provide a rigorous and accurate process that places players on teams matching their ability and potential where they can expect equitable playing time in tournaments.
  • Deliver twice-weekly practices that are comprehensive and well-planned with time for individual skill instruction, team skill instruction, and scrimmages.
  • Maintain a regular schedule of scrimmages and competitive tournaments that give players a chance to apply and hone their improving skills and play with a confident, winning attitude.
  • Ensure programs are appealing and deliver value to players to guarantee that the club attracts talented players and membership is competitive. 
  • Identify and recruit top players.
  • Respect club members as serious athletes and expect in return dedicated volleyball players who are committed to effort, reliable participation, a willingness to learn, and teamwork.



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